This is where you take a quiz to get a wand. Your wand will be used mainly for RPing. Here's the quiz.

Which Wand? Edit These are all yes or no questions except for the last one.

1. Would you consider yourself a 'great' witch or wizard?

2. Is non-verbal spell work very important to you?

3. Is it important for you to have an immensely powerful wand?

4. Are you ambitious?

5. Are you interested in a rare wand?

6. Are you well-loved?

7. Are you charming?

8. Are you interested in an immensely loyal wand?

9. Are you stubborn or determined?

10. Are you arrogant?

11. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for charm work?

12. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for dueling?

13. Are you strong-minded?

14. Are you wise and understanding?

15. Do you have good instincts and intuition?

16. Do you have a history of overcoming hardship?

17. Do you practice good self-control?

18. Are you fond of luxury and material items?

19. Do you have a great sense of justice?

20. Are you strong and courageous?

21. Are you bold?

22. Are you self-sacrificing?

23. Are you mischievous?

24. Are you playful?

25. Do you believe in the phrase 'Be yourself'?

26. Do you uphold strong principles or moral values?

27. Do you believe you have a special destiny?

28. Are you faithful and trustworthy?

29. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for transfiguration?

30. Are you talented?

31. Do you have a complex or intriguing personality?

32. Are you good with managing your feelings?

33. Do you have a hot temper?

34. Do you have a single, pure passion?

35. Are you insecure?

36. Do you have any hidden talents?

37. Are you lazy?

38. Do you like nature?

39. Are you curious or adventurous?

40. Are you weak in terms of your physical health?

41. Do you have a loose grip?

42. Are you warm-hearted?

43. Are you generous?

44. Are you popular?

45. Are you well-respected?

46. Do you have any interest at all in Dark magic?

47. Are you independent?

48. Are you often perceived as a loner?

49. Are you honest?

50. Do you have any interest in creating spells?

51. Do you usually make the right choices?

52. Are you lucky?

53. Are you physically attractive?

54. Do you care more about the outside of a person than the inside?

55. Do you daydream often?

56. Are you a Seer or related to a Seer?

57. Are you skilled in Legilimency?

58. Are you firm?

59. Do you have a firm grip?

60. Are you highly intelligent?

61. Do you have great potential?

62. Have you even seen death?

63. Are you afraid of death or anyone dying?

64. Are you related to veela?

65. Would you consider yourself very ordinary?

66. How tall are you (measurement, not yes or no)?

For any 'yes' questions, here's what they indicate: (1st is wand wood, then core, then the kind of wand they CANNOT have)

1. Acacia, Elder, Holly, Pear, Vine... Phoenix Feather

2. Alder, Pine... NOT Dogwood

3. Applewood, Cherrywood, Yew... NOT Olive

4. Applewood, Hornbeam, Maple, Vine

5. Alder, Applewood, Cherrywood, Elder, Holly, Silver Lime, Vine, Willow, Yew... Thestral Tail Hair, Phoenix Feather, Veela Hair

6. Applewood, Hazel, Pear... Unicorn Hair... NOT Pine

7. Applewood

8. Ash, Cedar, Hazel, Holly, Rowan... Unicorn Hair... NOT Dragon Heartstring

9. Ash, Aspen, Ebony, Fir, Hornbeam, Spruce... Dragon Heartstring

10. NOT Ash

11. Aspen, Willow... Unicorn Hair

12. Aspen, Blackthorn, Cedar, Hawthorn, Red Oak, Rowan

13. Aspen, Cedar, Cherrywood, Ebony, Fir Hornbeam, Pine... Dragon Heartstring, Phoenix Feather

14. Beech, Black Walnut, Hazel, Pear... Unicorn Hair

15. Black Walnut, English Oak, Red Oak, Willow... Phoenix Feather

16. Blackthorn

17. Cherrywood... Dragon Heartstring

18. Chestnut... Dragon Heartstring

19. Chestnut... Unicorn Hair

20. Cypress, Ebony, English Oak

21. Cypress, Holly, Red Oak

22. Cypress

23. Dogwood

24. Dogwood

25. Ebony

26. Ebony, Holly, Hornbeam, Laurel, Poplar, Vine... Unicorn Hair

27. Elder, Holly, Hornbeam, Sycamore, Yew... Phoenix Feather

28. English Oak, Walnut

29. Fir, Mahogany

30. Hawthorn, Larch

31. Hawthorn, Pine

32. Hazel

33. Holly, Red Oak... Dragon Heartstring

34. Hornbeam

35. Larch, Willow... Unicorn Hair

36. Larch

37. NO Laurel

38. Maple

39. Maple, Sycamore

40. Olive

41. Olive, Red Oak

42. Pear... Unicorn Hair

43. Pear... Unicorn Hair

44. Pear

45. Pear

46. ... Dragon Heartstring... NOT Pear or Rowan

47. Pine

48. Pine

49. Poplar... Unicorn Hair

50. Red Oak

51. Redwood

52. Redwood

53. Rosewood

54. Rosewood

55. ... Unicorn Hair... NOT Rowan

56. Silver Lime

57. Silver Lime

58. Spruce

59. Spruce

60. Walnut

61. Willow

62. ... Thestral Tail Hair

63. ... ... NOT Thestral Tail Hair

64. ... Veela Hair

65. Hazel, Larch, Olive, Poplar

Size of the wand depends on you. If the person is less than 5' tall, give them a wand that's anywhere between 7-9". If they're between 5'1" and 5'5", give them a wand between 9-10 1/2". If they're 5'6" or over, give them a wand between 10 1/2-12".