There are many variaties of quills sold at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. They are listed below:

Sugar quillEdit

This variatie of quills was orginally sold at Honeydukes but is now carried by WWW. It is candy cleverly disguised as a quill, allowing you to fill your mid-class cravings for sugar without being scolded at by the teacher for eating during class.

Smart-Answers quillEdit

WWW's version of Auto-Answer quills, always writes the correct anwer to that boring homework question. What is boomslang skin used for? Just ask Smart-Answers and save your time for important things, like a fun game of Exploding Snap or Quidditch Practice

Spell-Checking quillEdit

The Spell-checking quill will properly spell all of those
  • Sugar quills
  • Self-Inking quill
  • Smart-Answers Quill
  • Spell-Check Quill
ridiculasly long wizarding terms. This will help avoid embarrasing and stupid mistakes on your homework, tests, and personal messages.

Self-Inking quillEdit

This quill saves you the trouble of looking for an ink well to dip your quill in. You also save gallons of galleons that would have been wasted on fresh ink.